Phone Repair in Nassington


Where’s the best place to get your phone repaired in Nassington?


We often get customers in Nassington asking us this, so we thought we’d just let you know the best solution here.

As we’re in the cell phone industry we constantly need phones repaired, and every time we use iMend.

Click below to visit their site, book the repair you need and they’ll come to you and repair your phone right there and then!


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Why iMend?

The reason being is we don’t have time to travel in to town to find a repair shop, wait a few days and then find time to arrange travelling into town again when it’s done.

But with iMend they’ll actually come to you, at your home, place of work or a local cafe in Nassington to repair your phone, right there in front of you.

They’re really good at what they do, and they back it up with a 12 MONTH WARRANTY on repairs, which I think is just crazy, and they’re the only ones I’ve seen who do that.

They’re also the most cost effective option for a quality mobile phone repair in Nassington we’ve come across. We highly recommend them. 

All you do is click the button below to take you to their site, select your phone model and the repair it needs, and it’ll show the cost.


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Reasons to get your mobile phone repaired with iMend.

  • Really easy, you can get a price for your repair right now by following the simple steps on their site.
  • The best prices, you will not find a better price for a quality phone repair.
  • The whole process is designed around what suits you, you don’t have to travel or worry about time management, it’s all done when and where it suits you.
  • 12 month warranty, the only repair service we’ve seen in the country that does this, most offer 1-2 months warranty
  • They only use 100% original parts, we’ve had issues with other services using fake or second hand parts.
  • Free no obligation quote, just fill out the pricing form here.
  • They’re well established and very popular, having fixed thousands of phones.
  • Expert technicians, these guys really know what they’re doing.
  • They can repair any issue. Not just phone screen repairs, they are able to fix pretty much anything that needs repaired with your phone.


So with all that in mind, it’s pretty obvious why we use them all the time, best price, best service, best repairs, so in future when people from Nassington ask us where to get their phone repaired, we’ll just send them to this page. 🙂

So what are you still reading this for? Click the button below and see how much it costs to Repair your Phone.


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